A summary of my work in comics

I sold my first professional cartoons in 1983 and have been a full time freelance comic artist & writer since 1984. During that time I have worked for many publishers such as IPC, Marvel Comics, Egmont, Panini, D.C. Thomson, Image Comics, and more, covering the comics field from originated characters to licensed properties.

I've produced strips for numerous publications including VIZ; THE BEANO; BUSTER; OINK!; FUN-SIZE DANDY; ELEPHANTMEN; FUN-SIZE BEANO; SONIC THE COMIC; WHITE DWARF; GHOSTBUSTERS; TRANSFORMERS, and national newspapers DAILY STAR and SUNDAY SPORT. I've also written articles on the history of comics for publications such as 2000 AD, THE COMICS JOURNAL, COMIC HEROES, and the BBC website.

In 1989 I illustrated the short story The Glut, written by Dave Gibbons (artist of WATCHMEN) for Knockabout's SEVEN DEADLY SINS book.

Over the years, my characters have enjoyed long and popular runs, such as ten years for Tom Thug in BUSTER and four years for Combat Colin in Marvel's TRANSFORMERS comic. I was also a regular writer on SONIC THE COMIC for seven years, and have been writing and drawing Team Toxic for Egmont's TOXIC magazine since 2003.

The past two decades have seen major changes to the UK comics market, but I have always adapted to maintain regular work in the industry. Having worked for publications for all age groups, my work has appeared in such diverse titles as the official CiTV magazine and LEGO ADVENTURES for the nursery market, to VIZ and SWEET FA for the adult reader.

I have also expanded my work overseas for various publishers. In 1997 I created THE SUBURBAN SATANISTS for Egmont where it ran for 10 years in the Swedish and Norewegian editions of HERMAN HEDNING comic. 
2005 saw the publication of BRICKMAN BEGINS for Active Images, a Los Angeles based publisher, and from 2006 to 2010 I created a regular Brickman strip for the monthly ELEPHANTMEN comic published in the USA by Image Comics. More recently I created adult humour strips for GRINDHOUSE, published by Dark Horse.

In October 2008 my artwork began to appear on a new regular series for THE BEANO entitled Super School which proved very popular in the readers poll. Two years later, in October 2010 I also began contributing to THE DANDY for its major relaunch. More recently, I've contributed several strips to THE BEANO including Rasher, Lord Snooty, and Pup Parade.

I have also revived my 1980s character Combat Colin for digital comic ACES WEEKLY and since 2014 have contributed The Daft Dimension humour strip every month in the official DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE. As well as continuing to freelance for mainstream publishers I have also recently embarked on self-publishing again in order to bring my IP back into print, with BRICKMAN RETURNS! released in 2015, DEREK THE TROLL in 2016, and COMBAT COLIN in 2017.


To contact me e-mail lew.stringer@BTinternet.com